Wrapping Odd-Shaped Gifts

by Melody Warnick

Wrapping Odd-Shaped Gifts

Toy guitar

* Cut a piece of wrapping paper big enough to lay the guitar across diagonally from bottom-right to top-left corner, then fold the bottom corner over the guitar's body to make a triangular pocket.

* Pull the right corner of the wrapping paper over the top of the guitar, then tuck it underneath.

* Pull the left corner across and tape liberally.

* Fold the last corner over the top of the guitar and tape it in place.


* Put it in a jumbo white trash bag that you've decorated, or in a laundry bag or bedsheet that you've covered with stickers and bows.

* Add a giant poster-board gift tag to complete the supersize look.


* Don't wrap it; hide it in the garage or a closet. Create a trail of wrapped clues ("Where's the first place you go in the morning?" and he's off to the bathroom). By the time he's opened each clue, he'll be so psyched for his actual gift that he won't care there's no more paper to tear off.