The Best Dinnerware Sets for Kids to Make Mealtime Fun

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The Best Dinnerware Sets for Kids to Make Mealtime Fun
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Mealtime can be a real struggle in many households and parents may find themselves feeling like short-order cooks after the day is done. Mealtime burnout is real, and it can affect kids and parents a lot. 


Many experts suggest trying to make mealtime fun and stress-free. While that’s easier said than done, if there’s too much pressure on getting kids to eat, let alone eat something healthy, the whole meal can end up blowing up in your face… literally. “Nonchalance is the ideal dinner-table vibe,” writes dietician Sally Kuzemchak in an article for Parents. “Kids shouldn’t sense that what they eat will make or break your mood. I don’t let food trigger power struggles because I know I’ll lose every time. So I put the food on the table, then sit back and enjoy my meal. Makes everyone a lot happier.” 


However your family does food, we know that these adorable dinnerware sets for kids will make it more fun. From adorable animals to baby’s first dinner set, these are our picks for the 10 best kids dinnerware sets. 


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Avanchy Essentials Baby Dish Collection


Toddlers will have a hard time knocking these dishes over. The fully removable silicone bottom suctions to any surface. The top is made from eco-friendly bamboo, and the set includes two spoons.

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Skip Hop Llama Zoo Melamine Plate & Bowl Set


Melamine is a great choice for kids’ dinnerware as it’s easy to clean and hard to break. This adorable set from Skip Hop is dishwasher-safe and features an adorable llama.

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Disney Princess Tabletop Gift Set


This set is fit for royalty and includes a plate, bowl, and tumbler that feature six of our favorite Disney princesses

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ezpz 4-Piece First Foods Set


This adorable set is perfect for the baby who is ready to transition to solid foods and a “big kid” cup. The set is small enough for little hands and is made from a safe, non-slip silicone.

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Dinosaur Plate and Utensils


Picky eaters will have a hard time turning down any meal served on this fun dinosaur plate. Kids will be enticed to finish off whatever is put on their plate.

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Mr. Food Face Plate


With this plate, kids can’t help but play with their food. Make a mac-and-cheese beard or string-bean hair and then watch as they gobble it all up.

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OXO Tot 2-Piece Stick & Stay Bowl and Divided Plate Set


If your kids don’t like the different foods on their plate touching, this is an excellent option. The plate features three separate compartments, a suction base, and high walls for a mess-free meal.

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Ozeri Earth 5-Piece Kids' Dish Set


This five-piece set includes a plate, sippy cup, bowl, fork, and spoon: everything your kid needs for a multi-course meal.

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French Bull Farm Kids Dinnerware Collection


This dishwasher-safe set is so much fun and kids can choose from one of four farm animals or mix and match. It includes four adorable farm animal pieces. Cups and bowls are sold separately.

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Precious Moments Sloth 5-Piece Toddler Mealtime Set


Take some inspiration from the sloth on this dinnerware set and enjoy your family meals at a leisurely pace. The five-piece set includes a bowl, plate, cup, fork, and spoon all adorned with a cute sloth.