Nugget Couch Alternatives: Let Your Kids Bounce, Lounge, and Build With These Foam Play Couches

by Lauren Wellbank

Nugget Couch Alternatives: Let Your Kids Bounce, Lounge, and Build With These Foam Play Couches

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The best modular kids’ sofas from Amazon, Walmart, Pottery Barn Kids, and more.


Most parents and caregivers are familiar with the age-old battle of trying to keep small kids busy and active indoors while preventing the house from getting destroyed. That’s why items like the Nugget couch have become so popular over the years. While little bodies need to move in order to keep occupied, it’s really easy for them to get hurt if they use everyday items as their own personal gymnasiums. A play couch makes that indoor activity safe, and possibly even more fun.


Unfortunately, Nugget play couches have become really popular, especially during the pandemic, which means sometimes they can be hard for families to get their hands on. The good news is, there are plenty of Nugget couch alternatives that offer the perfect opportunity for children to get out their wiggles without destroying your furniture (or breaking the bank).


Best Play Couches



What Is Nugget?


The Nugget is a microsuede play couch that comes in four foam pieces that are the perfect shape and size for young kids to move around by themselves. They can be set up into several configurations to make forts, obstacle courses, and lounge areas. When the children are done using them, they stack back up into an attractive toddler-size couch which looks great when it’s not in use. 


What to Look for in a Play Couch


Nugget-style play couches see a lot of action—and we mean a lot, because they’re perfect for jumping on, rolling off of, and, yeah, sitting on. For that reason, they need to be both soft and durable. And because little kids can make big messes, they also need to be easy to clean. A good play sofa will either have machine washable covers that can be removed and tossed in the washer, or be made from a durable fabric that’s easy to spot clean. Additionally, they should have a firm filling (think firm foam that’s soft enough for kids to play on but not so soft that it will quickly lose its shape) and have enough pieces that your child can move them into several playful configurations.


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Best 8-Piece Play Couch Set: Costzon 4-in-1 Unique Shapes Convertible Climb and Crawl


If you’re looking for a play couch that will keep your toddler or preschooler busy for a long time, the Costzon from Amazon is a great choice. With eight pieces, there are so many opportunities for different configurations (which means your child will play longer).

Pros: More pieces mean more playing opportunities. The material is waterproof and non-slip which makes for easy clean up, and the bright colors are sure to tickle your tot.

Cons: Unlike some other foam couches, this one doesn’t put away into a traditional sofa shape and instead stacks up into a full rectangle. Additionally, the colors can be a bit much in a room that hasn’t already been designated a primary-colored play area.

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Best Kids' Couch for Additional Seating: Children’s Factory The Whatsit Kids Couch


This play couch easily makes the transition from toddler play to tween and teen lounging area. The six-piece set comes in four neutral hues, which will grow with your child’s changing style. The fabric is machine washable and stain-repellent.

Pros: The neutral hues mean that the play couch can easily be stored in any room of the house, and once your tot outgrows the piece it can be transitioned into bedroom furniture or extra seating for young guests. Unlike some of the other play pieces on this list, it can easily turn into two separate chairs for storage, meaning it’s easier to tuck away when not in use.

Cons: The price is on the higher end of this list.

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Best Foldout Nugget Alternative Couch: Jaxx Zipline Kids Modular Loveseat & Ottoman


This customizable loveseat and ottoman set from Jaxx allows kids to use their imagination and offers plenty of play configurations. Then it returns to a sharp-looking sofa when not in use. The additional square cushions also allow this play sofa to become an additional sleeping area, perfect for when you have young guests or when playtime quickly turns into naptime.

Pros: There are plenty of great color choices, the sofa is made with durable, upholstery-grade foam, and the covers are removable and machine washable.

Cons: Some reviewers have complained that the covers can be hard to get back on after washing, and there aren’t as many options for configuring as some of the other play couches on the market.

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Best Splurge Play Couch: Isabelle and Max Marrero Zipline Playscape Modular Sofa


Available in several different bright colors, the Marrero Zipline Playscape is a play sofa with style. This interactive piece of furniture has machine washable covers that can be removed for cleaning. This play sofa comes with four soft foam-filled cushions and two pillows.

Pros: There are plenty of colors to choose from, and the cover is designed with interior zippers, which mean that they are hidden within the covers to make it less likely that kids will get scratched while romping around.

Cons: This does not store in the shape of a traditional sofa, and there is no backing when it’s folded up for storage, so it looks less like a sofa and more like a lounger.

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Best Color Options for a Play Couch: Pottery Barn Kids Foamnasium Blocky Kids Couch


For parents and caregivers who prefer a more refined color pallet, there’s the Foamnasium play couches from Pottery Barn Kids. These leave the bright bold hues and primary colors behind and opt for more subtle and neutral shades. The all-vinyl set is easy to spot-clean and comes with two large folding bases and two wedge cushions.

Pros: The cushions are made out of antimicrobial vinyl, so you won’t need to remove them for spot cleaning. The fashionable color options make them a good fit for homes where they’ll need to blend with the rest of the decor.

Cons: This couch has a higher price point than some of the others that are similar or offer more folding options.

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Best Play Couch for Smaller Spaces: Pottery Barn Kids Foamnasium Blocksy Mini Kids Couch


For when you want the kid-safe fun of a play couch but don’t exactly have the room to add another piece of furniture into your home, there’s the Foamnasium Blocky Mini Kids Couch. This three-piece set takes up a lot less room than the Nugget and other foam couches.

Pros: Just like the full-size option, the cushions are made out of easy-to-clean antimicrobial vinyl in fashionable color options.

Cons: Because of the smaller number of pieces, there are fewer configuration options with this model.

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Best Nugget Alternative for a Mix of Ages: Shenanigan Kids Figgy


If the ages of your kids vary widely, you may be looking for a more versatile play couch. The Figgy offers a sturdy structure that is fun to use and durable for kids up to the age of 10. The cover fabric is both machine washable and dryer safe, and the liners are waterproof, which can help handle unexpected spills and accidents.

Pros: This piece is good for older kids while being light enough for younger kids to easily move on their own. It has hidden zippers to prevent scratches, and there’s an option to order an additional wedge, turning this six-piece set into a seven-piece set.

Cons: It is pricier than a lot of other varieties.

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Best Play Couch for Hiding Stains: Sam's Club Member’s Mark Kids’ Explorer Sofa


Anyone who has ever dealt with kids knows that they can unintentionally get things dirty quickly, which is why this textured set available from Sam’s Club caught our eye. Instead of a solid finish this fabric has a heathered look—a good way to camouflage light spills and messes. The four-piece set comes in six different colors and has removable, machine washable covers.

Pros: There are pockets to hold books or tablets when the play sofa is being used for lounging, and the cover really does make this option look less like a toy and more like a piece of furniture you’d have in your home. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. If you’re ordering it as a holiday gift, the box doesn’t give away what’s inside.

Cons: Though it remains a highly rated item from Sam’s Club members, some reviewers reported that the zippers broke on theirs.

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Best Play Couch for Lounging: Huddle Customizable Kids' Couch


The Huddle Customizable Kids Couch can be used in all sorts of ways. Kids can fold up this four-piece set into forts and other imaginative shapes. Or they can set it up like a hammock for relaxing, reading, or watching TV. The super soft materials ensure that your kids will love snuggling up close with this piece in all of its configurations.

Pros: The cushions are sturdy yet soft, so they offer a great tactile experience and safe landing zone for those who play hard.

Cons: The couch isn’t really recommended for those over the age of 4, so this won’t grow as easily with your kid as some of the other pieces.