Ryan Serhant & Emilia Bechrakis of Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Reveal The Organizational Tips That Keep Their Family On Track

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Ryan Serhant & Emilia Bechrakis of Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Reveal The Organizational Tips That Keep Their Family On Track

When Ryan Serhant & Emilia Bechrakis aren’t filming the hit Bravo show, Million Dollar Listing, they are busy chasing after their 10-month-old daughter Zena. It’s safe to say that the couple has their hands full, but there is one thing that helps them stay on track, and you probably have one too! (Hint, it’s a smart home device)


Plus they gave us some great tips on how to blend your personal home aesthetic with the practicality of having kids!!!


Read on for our interview with Ryan and Emilia!


How has your smart device helped you manage your household – tell me more about what these devices do? I can’t begin to tell you how much of a relief it is to not have to worry about whether or not we’ve turned off the lights when we’re running out of the house for meetings or to get together with friends. We can simply ask Alexa or use the Alexa app remotely. Getting smart bulbs with color options has also been great to help our baby girl get ready for bed because the dark blue seems to relax her. Not to mention being able to do it hands free, since – as every parent knows – your hands are always full with an infant. Alexa is also great for helping you keep track of your to-do list or reminding you about something at a specific time, so that can be a real lifesaver!


What is your favorite thing to ask Alexa? Well, to be honest, some of my favorite features don’t require me to ask Alexa anything! We’ve set up several Amazon Smart Plugs and routines to help start our day where Alexa will automatically start brewing coffee automatically at the same time every weekday. It’s a HUGE help when we’re struggling to get moving. Alexa has also made it easy to reorder diapers!


Do you have tips for parents to stay more organized? The days of spontaneity are long gone!  We do everything we can to plan ahead and put everything in our calendars.  If it’s not in the calendar, it’s not happening!


What are your tips for eating together as a family every night despite busy schedules? Like many families, we aren’t able to eat dinner together every night, but we do eat breakfast together every day.  And it’s our favorite part of day!  We all eat the same thing, usually eggs and avocado, so the prep time is minimal which means more time together at the table.


How do you balance your personal home décor aesthetic with the practicality of having kids? i.e. markers on the wall etc.? It is a constant work in progress, and we are evolving with her.  Of course, safety is our top priority, so in addition to baby proofing, once she can reach something, it disappears from the apartment.  We have moved our furniture to the perimeter to give her more room to play but have come to terms with the fact that one day there will be marker on the wall!