Interior Designer Will Taylor Offers Tips For Families On How To Stay Organized This Back To School Season

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Interior Designer Will Taylor Offers Tips For Families On How To Stay Organized This Back To School Season

Will Taylor is an author, interior designer and creator of the wildly successful blog Bright Bazaar. With a motto like “beige is boring,” Will not only helps families get organized, but also helps to bring a little fun and color to the process too! He recently teamed up with Marshalls to help families revamp their command centers!


We chatted with Will about ways families can organize their own command centers and they get started with back to school season! With things about to get super hectic, why not start out on an organized (and stylish) foot?! “Who said your family command center can’t be stylish?” Will said via email interview. “It’s easy to blend style with the practicality of home organization by incorporating design elements that speak to your personal aesthetic. It’s easy to experiment with various styles by shopping Marshalls, where you can find on-trend décor and stylish, organizational must-haves like galvanized metal buckets and wicker baskets. The incredible prices also make it fun to try new styles and revamp your space for the season.”


Will’s tips are surprisingly easy, and with just a few upgrades, your family’s command center will be like a well oiled machine.


Will offered up some great picks for command center must-haves:


  • Calendars & Bulletin board. We all know family schedules can be crazy especially as we jump back into the swing of weekly routines as fall approaches. Having a calendar or bulletin board where you can keep track of appointments or family meals is key to staying organized when schedules can get chaotic! While this may feel like a no-brainer, it’s important to find a calendar or bulletin board that fits in with your personal style and scheduling needs. Find one that will make you actually want to use it!
  • Storage! Storage! Storage! I can’t say it enough! We’re all guilty of letting a few pieces of mail pile up or letting our space become cluttered with unimportant documents and nick knacks. Look into a variety of wall-mounted and free-standing storage bins, folders and shelving units to ensure every school and life essential has its place. Even grabbing a mail holder can make the biggest difference in staying organized. I also love utilizing chalkboard stickers and paint markers to label storage, for an added touch of personal style.
  • Multi-functional Must Haves. I live for multifunctional pieces. A trendy bench or ottoman that includes hidden storage is the perfect way to avoid hallway shoe hazards without having to sacrifice style.
  • Hooks for everyone. Having dedicated hooks for each family member makes it easy for the rest of the family to help stay organized. Having that dedicated space for a backpack, jacket or even car keys means everyone will know exactly where to put their belongings vs dropping everything at the door as soon as they get home.


Here’s a look at a family command center before putting Will’s tips into action:



And here’s the after:


family command center


With just a few organizational pieces, in the right places, the command center was upgraded to be a functional and fashionable place for kids and parents!


Will also had some great tips for helping families to stay organized:


  • Utilize Wall Space. Utilize every inch of wall space within your command center. From calendars and bulletin boards to dry-erase and chalkboards, keep your family organized by tracking schedules, important to-do’s, even your daily meal plan, all in one place.
  • Avoid Clutter. The key to making a command center look clean vs. cluttered is symmetry. Each family member can have a dedicated, symmetric section that is their very own. Add a board above each section, and then storage shelves and an ottoman below. This will help avoid the command center becoming an unorganized dumping ground for odds and ends.


Will also suggested that families think about their command center before heading out to shop. “Think about where in your home your command center is located,” he said. “Whether it be an under-utilized nook in your kitchen or a structured section in your entry hallway or foyer, locate an area that your family will pass through daily.” Of course, stores like Marshalls, “can be a great resource to gather all of your ‘command center’ needs under one roof. Walking through the Marshalls home section and checking out the various products sparks creativity on how to spruce up your space and allows families to have fun with style while staying organized. Plus, with fresh merchandise rotating in weekly, you’re sure to find décor that matches your personal style.”