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Introducing Parenting's "Seasons" iPad App for Moms

Your kids might not think you're cool (yet), but Parenting knows that our readers are definitely hip to the latest in tech and gadgets--like the iPad, for instance. That's why we rolled out an iPad app as our newest way to serve you advice and answers about parenting you didn't even know you needed (hello, no-fail tantrum tamers!). Parenting Seasons ($1.99 per issue) is updated quarterly and features exclusive, iPad-only hints and tips: 

  • A calendar of quirky facts and holidays
  • Easy and nutritious meal and snack recipes, perfect for picky eaters
  • Fun, innovative activities for playtime
  • Simple and creative crafts for kids

You can navigate the Seasons app by:

  • Tapping and browsing on the table of contents at any time
  • Tapping the seasonal icon for more info (this time around, it's a snowflake)
  • Browsing thumbnail images in galleries to jump to the one you'd like to see

This winter, Seasons brings you everything you need for cold-weather comfort: stay-healthy tips for cold and flu season, fun cabin-fever cures, our favorite winter baking recipes and more. Download it today!

Parenting is on the NOOKColor, too -- find out how to download that version to your iPad.