Beth Behrs Shares Her Go-To Baby Shower Gift—And Beauty Tips She Stands By During Allergy Season

by Collier Sutter

Beth Behrs Shares Her Go-To Baby Shower Gift—And Beauty Tips She Stands By During Allergy Season
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Summer into early fall is all about spending as much time alfresco as possible before the chillier months sneak up on us. Parenting caught up with Two Broke Girls star, Beth Behrs to chat about her favorite beauty tips, how she optimizes her time outside while dealing with allergy woes and her go-to baby shower ideas. We’ve curated a list of our favorite similar picks below!

Do You Have Any Beauty Tips or Masks You Use When You’re Feeling Puffy From Allergies?

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Our Similar Pick: Kiehl's Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask


"Yes, I love using a hydrating mask when I’m experiencing allergy-related beauty challenges but try to avoid products with retinol and glycolic ingredients since they can cause redness."

What Are Go-To Items You Always Have in Your Bag in the Summer?

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Our Similar Pick: Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues, Pack of 8


"I always keep an outdoor essentials kit in my purse to ensure I’m prepared, especially for those moments when my seasonal allergy symptoms flare up, which can make me look – and feel – horrible. Lotion-treated tissues are gentle after you’ve been sneezing all day and help keep the area around my nose from getting sore. Waterproof mascara is another essential that stays on no matter how itchy my eyes get after I’ve been outdoors. I also take ZYRTEC® and always keep it with me to help manage my allergy symptoms. I like it because it starts working at hour one the first day you take it and keeps my allergy symptoms in check. I also always bring large sunglasses to prevent my eyes from getting watery and itchy."

What is Your Favorite Beauty Product?

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Our Similar Pick: Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask


"I like to keep it natural. My husband and I have a beehive and love to sneak some of our amazing honey for a homemade face mask."

What’s the Best Baby Shower Gift You’ve Ever Given to a Friend?

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Our Similar Pick: Hedgehog Teether Baby Wooden Teether


"I love shopping local craft fairs for handmade, personalized artisan toys!"

What’s Something You Can’t Go Without When Entertaining in the Summer?

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Our Similar Pick: Lace Burlap Mason Jars


"I absolutely love entertaining my friends and family outdoors for al fresco meals, whether it’s hosting a barbeque on my new patio, a picnic in the park or outdoor movie night with my girlfriends, complete with lots of popcorn! I also love making flower arrangements for dinners I’m hosting or as fun hostess gifts. The key is to combine colors and textures in unique ways. When I’m styling an outdoor space, I also try to find ways to make it look great without triggering my allergy symptoms. For example, you can make a gorgeous arrangement just by using citrus fruits and greens! You can also check out blooms that are known to be easier on seasonal allergies like hibiscus, hydrangea and viburnum, or even succulents. Using mason jars or burlap accessories keep the feeling natural, and it’s nice to have pieces at different heights to add depth. And again, I never head outside without my ZYRTEC®. It gives me consistent relief, so I don’t have to miss out on the things I enjoy."