Casey Georgeson is Redefining the Beauty of Wellness With Her New Luxury CBD Skincare Line Saint Jane

by Samantha McIntyre

Casey Georgeson is Redefining the Beauty of Wellness With Her New Luxury  CBD Skincare Line Saint Jane
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We heard it through the grapevine! Casey Georgeson, former V.P. of creative for one of the largest wine companies in the world and a vet in the beauty business, is currently transforming the wellness industry with her newly launched luxury brand Saint Jane. 


Georgeson, Saint Jane’s founder, and CEO has created an incredible CBD-infused beauty collection, which includes a calming body serum created with 200 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD and a soothing facial serum formulated with a highly concentrated 500 milligrams of CBD and packed with 20 potent botanicals and healing antioxidants. The line also consists of a Microdose Lipgloss full of antioxidant-rich ingredients and infused with 50 milligrams of CBD guaranteed to deliver a gorgeous shine and irresistible smile-inducing calm.


Georgeson spoke with about the importance of clean, organic beauty products, the ABCs of CBD, and how her daughters Sofia, 10, Juliet, 8, and CeCe, 4, have influenced this successful new venture.  


You have a very diverse background in television, the wine industry and also in beauty. What inspired you to create your own company and launch Saint Jane Beauty?

I have always been a storyteller, regardless of my industry. Whether I was a producer for CNN’s morning show, developing female-centric wine brands like Cupcake Vineyards or collaborating with designers like Marc Jacobs and the Olsen sisters on their beauty collections for Sephora, I’ve always been in the business of brand building. The discovery of CBD, as a vitamin, is what truly inspired me to start Saint Jane. After many years of creating brands for others, I knew I wanted to create my own brand on my own terms. I was just waiting for that “aha moment.” When I learned about CBD and its extraordinary benefits for the skin, Saint Jane started to take shape. It is the clearest idea for a brand I have ever had.


How have your children influenced you to enter into the luxury beauty/health and wellness space? 

What we ingest, what we put on our skin, and what we use in our homes, has a profound effect on all of us. I have three daughters, and when I was pregnant with my second, I’d been working with nail polish and fragrances in windowless offices. When she was born, she was considered “SGA”—small for gestational age. One doctor suspected that my exposure to chemicals early on in my pregnancy could have been what caused her to be born small. She’s thriving now, but when we launched Saint Jane, I knew it had to be non-negotiably clean. Our mission is to help heal and nourish the skin, so we’ve formulated our entire collection using only ultra-effective, sustainably sourced, organically grown botanicals. We test all of our products 4x during the manufacturing process – which is 3x the industry standard. 


As a mom and an entrepreneur in the CBD industry, what are your guidelines for CBD and children?

My background creating wine brands has inspired numerous conversations with the girls about responsibility around alcohol and other substances meant for adults. I’m a mom first, and their well-being is my top priority. We talk about CBD, what it is, what it’s derived from (hemp), and why it’s controversial. They understand that it’s still confusing, and until it is clarified at the mainstream level, it’s best not to share Mommy’s products with friends. My 10-year-old gifted a lip gloss to her friend, unbeknownst to me, and I got a very gracious note from her Mom thanking me and making it clear she would be keeping it for herself.


While I believe CBD is safer than many supplements and should be thought of like a vitamin, if you’re considering using CBD on your children, I always suggest consulting with your pediatrician first.


There are still many consumers who don’t understand the benefits of CBD. What would you say to the skeptics who don’t think these products are effective?

The reality is that those skeptical of CBD have either tried products that didn’t actually include CBD or not enough of it. CBD is an efficacious ingredient with far-reaching benefits and more powerful antioxidants than Vitamin C and E. It has many calming properties and is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you “high.” It is essential to understand what form of CBD you are using, how much of it you are getting, and the best delivery system for your issue. For skin issues like aging, acne or redness, topical CBD in serums, creams, balms are best. It is best to ingest CBD via a tincture, powder or capsule to help with anxiety, mood or sleep-related issues.


There’s a great deal of competition in the CBD industry, how do you advise purchasers navigating which new products to try and what to avoid?

Education and reading ingredient labels are essential when considering a CBD product. There is a lot of wrong information and questionable CBD on the market currently. But there is also great information and fantastic products – you just have to seek them out. For example, many brands will include “cannabis Sativa (hemp) seed oil” on their ingredient list. While this is an excellent ingredient for moisturizing, it’s just hemp seed oil; not CBD. Hemp is also a bio-accumulator, meaning its roots absorb everything in the soil, so you want to make sure you know where that hemp came from and how it was grown.


Knowledge is power, so take the time to research before you buy. Shop for CBD products from reputable beauty and wellness retailers you know and trust. Also, look for brands that are transparent with their manufacturing and testing practices and share a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for their entire formula (not only their CBD). I would avoid brands/products that don’t share this information.


What sets Saint Jane apart from other CBD wellness products on the market? 

When creating the brand, it was important to me to use the best in class ingredients that work together with CBD to heal and calm the skin. So many of the products on the market were using CBD for pain relief and were sold in dispensaries. CBD is an incredible, luxurious ingredient, and I wanted to do it justice. Our products are centered around overall skin wellness and CBD’s incredible benefits for the skin. We use full-spectrum CBD in sky-high concentrations, so you get the benefits of the whole plant, which is full of nutrients and other important phyto-cannabinoids. We use one clean extraction process–kind of like a cold-pressed juice—so the CBD is more nutrient-dense. And every formula we create is thoughtfully curated with sustainably sourced botanicals that were specifically chosen because they pair beautifully with CBD’s calming mission. For example, in our Luxury Beauty Serum, we use Sea Buckthorn, which is packed with over 200 micronutrients alone. Sunflower is a potent, nourishing botanical often used in NICUs to protect the fragile skin of premature babies. And Helichrysum, also known as “flower immortelle”, is known to aid in healing problematic skin conditions like acne.


What do you hope your girls will learn from seeing you build such a successful business, and what you would you like the legacy of your brand to be?

Initially, I was hesitant to launch a startup because I didn’t want to take any more time away from my girls. My husband and I were going back and forth about it for a while, but then a dear friend suggested that I involve them in the process. And I have! As a female founder, it has been amazing to have my daughters with me on this journey. They see first-hand what it is like to start a business – the good, the bad and the authentic—like my busy travel schedule and the roller coaster of each day. They are so curious, which I love, and they are always asking questions, so eager to help. They’ve packed boxes and helped name some of our products. It’s important to me that Saint Jane is representative of who I am and my values – It is a collection of thoughtfully crafted products that are healing centric and beautifully made. Saint Jane was also an actual person who lived in the 1500s and was anointed into sainthood for healing women. Specifically, women society wouldn’t otherwise touch—the very old, sick and unwed mothers. Her altruistic message is an important one in our family. 


What is next for Saint Jane Beauty?

So much! My team and I are busy working on new products. It is important to me that we continue to create best in class, results-driven formulas. Nature is an amazing resource for powerful and effective ingredients, and each of our existing and our new introductions will showcase the transformative power of botanicals. 


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Saint Jane Luxury CBD Beauty Serum


This award-winning Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum brings out the best in your skin with a botanical rich formula and 500mg of highly concentrated, full-spectrum CBD designed to calm and soothe while boosting a beautiful glow.

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Saint Jane Luxury CBD Body Serum


Quench dry, dull skin with Saint Jane's soothing Luxury Body Serum. Packed with potent botanicals and 200mg of full-spectrum CBD, this rich full body serum penetrates deep to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin to restore its natural radiance.

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Saint Jane CBD Microdose Lip Gloss


Saint Jane CBD Microdose Lip Glosses get glowing reviews for five stunning, sheer shades, each infused with 50mg of concentrated CBD and nourishing botanicals. These shimmering shades are the first natural glosses formulated with CBD and guaranteed to make your smile shine bright!