This Hilarious Cleaning-Themed Gift Guide is FREE and Busy Philipps Approved

by Bethany Braun-Silva

This Hilarious Cleaning-Themed Gift Guide is FREE and Busy Philipps Approved
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Many households have an extra worry during the COVID-19 pandemic—a depleted supply of common household goods, from disinfectant wipes to cleaning essentials like paper towels. If you’re frustrated and overwhelmed by panic-buying pandemic preppers and empty store shelves, don’t worry. You can still score the cleaning essentials online; you just have to know where to look and what you’re looking for.


Companies like Scotch-Brite have even launched a gift guide as a response to cleaning products becoming front and center this year. The company teamed up with actress Busy Philipps to launch the Scotch-Brite Holiday Gift Guide which includes 14 FREE 2020-appropriate gifts like t-shirts that say “Cleaning is My Cardio,” a sponge tree topper, bedazzled toilet scrubber, and of course, 3M’s TB Quat Disinfectant Ready-to-Use Cleaner, which was recently approved by the EPA to kill the virus that causes COVID-19.


2020 isn’t over yet and there’s still lots of disinfecting that needs to be done! Be sure to check out Scotch-Brite’s Holiday Gift Guide between December 8 and December 11 for your free gift. Plus, here are 10 products to help you keep everything squeaky clean while we wait for store shelves to restock.


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Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges


These sponges have over 12,000 five-star reviews on Amazon by reviewers who claim that they are "durable" and "tried and true."

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Simple Green 1-Gallon All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate


Everyone may be worried about disinfecting right now, but the CDC’s cleaning guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 actually recommend using an all-purpose cleaner before disinfecting. Many disinfecting wipes aren’t doing the actual cleaning people are using them for—and cleaning is an important first step. Stock up on a big bottle of all-purpose concentrate to mix your own cleaning agent, and use it before any disinfecting takes place.

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The Original Microfiber Cleaning Towels in 10 Pack


Disposable wipes are a modern convenience, and we love them—maybe a little too much. While disinfecting wipes are selling out everywhere, you can try going back to the time-tested method of reusable towels. With your good old-fashioned spray bottle and these high-quality microfiber cleaning cloths, you’ll be able to wipe down your door knobs, faucet handles, counters and more over and over again.

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Cleancult Dishwasher Detergent Tablets


Dishwasher detergent—especially packs—are selling out left and right. If you’re not ready to commit to giving up the dishwasher for a while, try buying from smaller brands you can still find online and in-stores. These dishwasher packs from Kohl’s are from a brand called Cleancult, and come in attractive waste-free packaging.

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Grove Bubble Up Dish Soap Dispenser & Brush Set


If you can’t get your hands on dishwasher detergent, you can make classic dish soap go a little bit further with this dish soap dispenser and brush set from the Grove. Aside from stretching the amount of uses you can get from one container of a high-demand household product, this set also makes washing dishes by hand feel a little more luxurious.

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Grove Liquid Hand Soap Refill


The CDC has been pretty clear about this—hand sanitizer is great, but it can never replace the cleaning power of regular hand soap and water. We should all be washing our hands more than ever right now, and if you’re having trouble finding hand soap refills on local store shelves, online retailers like Grove Collaborative are all stocked up.

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Grove Reusable Sandwich Bags


Traditional one-use plastic baggies are running in high demand, thanks to their usefulness storing leftovers, freezing extra food, storing bulk purchases and more. Having a hard time getting your hands on disposables? Try these reusable ones instead—they can be refrigerated, frozen and dishwashed, and they’ll last you long after the pandemic is past us.

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Full Circle Splash Patrol Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves


Single use gloves may be in short supply, but these reusable natural latex cleaning gloves will protect you while you clean. They’re especially useful if you’ll be turning to bleach solutions or other harsh chemicals in response to disinfectant shortages on store shelves. Just be sure to give these reusable gloves a thorough cleaning of their own between uses.

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Ellumi Antibacterial LED Under Cabinet Light


You should still disinfect your countertops, but these lights will give you a great head start on cleaning thanks to their bacteria-killing light power. The under-cabinet mounting design is perfect for use over countertops and other food prep areas. While it might not kill the COVID-19 virus, it can take other common household worries like Strep, Staph, E. Coli and Salmonella out of the picture. We all need a few fewer invisible dangers to worry about, right?

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Cleancult Laundry Detergent Tablets


Your favorite laundry packs sold out? Don’t worry—you don’t necessarily have to skimp on ingredients or sacrifice the convenience of pre-portioned laundry soap. Cleancult also makes high-quality laundry detergent tablets in the same stylish, no-waste packaging as their dishwasher tablets.

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Hand Sanitizer Spray


This popular haircare brand was one of the earliest beauty retailers to start producing a hand sanitizer. It's spray formula contains 75 percent isopropyl alcohol, which is well over the CDC guidelines for an effective hand sanitizer to combat the spread of coronavirus. On top of its efficacy, Vegamour is donating 20 percent of proceeds to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation.