Hilaria Baldwin Shares Her Healthy Eating Habits And Tips For Managing Picky Eaters

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Hilaria Baldwin Shares Her Healthy Eating Habits And Tips For Managing Picky Eaters
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The mom-four dished on picking your battles with picky eaters and the one thing she uses to ensure her kids are eating nutritiously.


Hilaria Baldwin’s plate is full, quite literally! In between juggling a successful career as a yoga instructor, author and co-host of the Mom Brain podcast, she is a mom to four kids under the age of six!


Moms love her for her super-real approach to parenting and staying healthy. Her book, The Living Clearly Method, offered up a ton of “found moment” exercises that parents can do in the small breaks of free time that they have through out the day. In fact, they don’t even have to be away from their kids. Our personal faves are the leg lifts we can do on the floor of our kid’s room!


She recently partnered with Health Warrior, a brand that makes nutrient-dense foods like chia bars, protein powder and protein muffins. “We’ve been eating Health Warrior bars for so many years,” Hilaria said. “I have tons and tons of the bars and we go through different phases with my kids of which ones are their favorite flavors.”


Hilaria also knows first-hands the challenges that come with picky eaters. “Rafa, my second child, he is an extraordinarily picky eater,” she said. “To the point of the stress of wondering if is he eating enough. The others have the typical pickiness that sometimes kids go through. But with Rafa, sometimes he won’t eat. He prefers not to eat than eat something that he doesn’t want to eat.”


So what does the mom of four do to manage her picky eater?


“Not making it an issue and being very creative,” she said. “But Health Warrior bars are just some of the things that kept his weight up. For years he has been eating them. He loves the Mango bar and even when he’s being difficult and not wanting to eat something, I know those bars have really good ingredients and they’re going to fill him up.”


Hilaria also relies on the Health Warrior Protein Powder to make her kids a delicious and healthy treat. “I do make my kids a little shake every night with different vegetables, a banana, and I’ll put a scoop of the Health Warrior Chocolate Protein Powder and they think it’s a chocolate shake, with all of these fruits and vegetables in it,” she said. “That’s been a really nice thing. I think a lot of moms rely on smoothies to make sure that their kids are having vegetables. The last thing any mom wants to do is make it an issues or make it a fight.”





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Health Warrior Bars Variety Pack


This variety packs includes flavors Dark Chocolate Cherry, Caramel Sea Salt, Vanilla Almond, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Coconut. Each bar contains only 100 calories and 3g of sugar and they are made with real ingredients like chia that help keep you full!

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Health Warrior Chocolate Protein Powder


Health Warrior’s superfood protein blend is sourced from hemp, pumpkin, chia and flax seeds and provides a vegan and paleo-friendly complete amino acid profile. Each serving includes 20g of delicious, smooth, and creamy plant-based, grain-free protein.

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Health Warrior Protein Mug Muffins


This variety pack contains two mugs in each flavor: Blueberry, Banana Nut, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip for a total of six muffins. Each muffin contains 12g of plant-based protein and only 6g sugar and are an excellent source of fiber.