Katie Couric & Maria Menounos Want You To Start Getting Serious About Healthcare

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Katie Couric & Maria Menounos Want You To Start Getting Serious About Healthcare

The journalists know first hand, just how important it is to take care of yourself.


We caught up with Katie Couric and Maria Menounos at the Rally on the Road tour stop in New York City, where visitors were able to learn about different types of healthcare coverage, take a moment to mediate, get nutrition and fitness tips, as well as sample a number of healthy snacks! Rally Health is a digital health company that encourages users to take charge of their health, and both Katie and Maria were excited to be involved. “Health is a really big priority for me and I love helping people get on a healthier track,” Maria said.


The former E! News host has had some recent health scares of her own and it wasn’t until she and her mother were diagnosed with brain tumors, just a year apart, that she really started to take her own healthcare seriously. “Of course in the last few years between my mom and myself, it has become an even bigger deal. I want to encourage people to make it more of a priority,  especially during this time when we’re all such doers, such workaholics,” she said. “It’s really easy for health to be the complete aside. I didn’t go to get my MRI for a really long time because I thought, ‘I’m totally nuts, there’s no way anything is wrong.'”


Katie also knows first hand how important it is to stay on top of our healthcare. She sadly lost her husband, Jay Monahan, to colorectal cancer in 1998. “Like Maria I want to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives,” she said. “I think that became one of my main priorities, sadly and tragically when my husband died, it really gave me focus in terms of what I wanted to give back to the world.”


Both women have become fierce champions for cancer awareness, prevention and treatments and continue to spread their message with companies like Rally Health. “I think it’s really important to have loud voices out there to encourage people to make health a priority,” Maria said. “I’m one of those loud voices, Katie is as well!”


Rally on the Road is traveling across the Unites States and you can catch them at a town near you this fall:


  • Boston (9/14-15) – Boston Social Fitness Festival
  • St. Louis (9/20-21) – Great Forest Park Balloon Race
  • Dallas (9/27-30) – State Fair of Texas
  • Atlanta (10/5-6) – Candler Park Fall Fest
  • Cincinnati (10/11-13) – Wellness Your Way Fest