Queer Eye’s Fashion Expert Tan France Breaks Down How to Find the Right Eyewear for Your Face

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Queer Eye’s Fashion Expert Tan France Breaks Down How to Find the Right Eyewear for Your Face
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When it comes to fashion, Tan France knows his stuff! He is the resident fashion expert on the Netflix series Queer Eye, where he teams up with Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk to transform the lives of people around the world. The Fab 5, as fans lovingly call them, have set off a chain reaction of kindness, fun and overall fabulousness that has inspired millions. 


We got a chance to talk to Mr. France about his new affordable eyewear line with EyeBuyDirect, which he revealed (to no surprise) combines “fashion and function.” 


“The importance of good eyewear is often taken for granted,” France tells Parenting. “I see every opportunity when it comes to accessorizing or dressing. I see everything I put on as an opportunity to enhance my appearance to make myself feel better.”


Making people feel better definitely seems to be his whole mission, and a big part of that is helping people look their best. When it came time to design the line, which includes both eyeglasses and sunglasses, France revealed that he didn’t necessarily “go for one aesthetic.” 


He explains, “I worked with EyeBuyDirect to create a collection that honestly, I would wear.


The eyewear line includes 20 different styles, with prices starting at just $19. If you’re a bit lost when it comes to choosing the right eyewear for your face, France has you covered on that, too. “I’ve got an oval-shaped face,” he says. “So I want to balance it out with something softer. For example, I won’t go with an aviator because that’s got more of a shape that replicates my face shape and, therefore, makes my face look even longer.” 


If you don’t have an oval face like France, he has some super simple advice. He recommends choosing a “glasses shape that is not the same as your actual face.”




Once you’ve identified the complementary frames based on your face shape, France has a few favorites from his EyeBuyDirect you should check out. While he admitted he had a hard time picking just one pair from his collection because he “lives in shades,” he divulged he prefers the Morla Round Tortoise Eyeglasses and, as far as shades: “This week I’m on Village.”


And obviously, we couldn’t let France go without asking what glasses he’d pick for his Queer Eye cast mates. Read on to find out, then shop the entire collection here.

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Karamo Brown

Tower Eyeglasses


“Karamo doesn't wear a lot of eyewear. I’s very rare you will see him in eyewear, up until Japan. Then he started wearing it regularly. He was always gravitating toward a square, which I thought looked lovely on him, so I would go with Tower. He’s got such a beautiful face; I wouldn't want to take away from it too much with a chunky frame.”

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Bobby Berk

Daydream Eyeglasses


“For Bobby, I see him in something like the Daydream. Here's the thing — this is my personal opinion and this is what I suggest to the people I work with — if you are blonde and have got a lighter skin tone, don’t wear something super dark or chunky because otherwise that’s all you’re going to focus on. You don’t have the kind of real estate that can support a black, chunky frame. So I would suggest the Daydream for Bobby.”

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Antoni Porowski

Groove Eyeglasses


“For Antoni Porowski, I would maybe suggest Groove. He likes a bold pair of glasses, and he and I wear glasses relatively often — though neither of us actually need glasses, so we wear them purely as an accessory. So yeah, I would suggest Groove for him.”

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Jonathan Van Ness

Morla Eyeglasses


“And for Jonathan... he’s bold too! I would probably say Morla because it would look beautiful with his hair.”