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Five Iconic Musicians Who Have Made Albums for Children

Dolly Parton, I Believe in You
Dolly Parton has been making music and advocating for children for most of her life. Her music transcends defined age norms and continues to inspire a wide audience. Her newest album, I Believe in You, is her first ever children’s album. All proceeds from this album are going to Dolly's Imagination Library whose mission is aimed at children's literacy. “I’ve been writing children’s songs for years,” Parton said, “I’ve written many songs that are based on the books that we give out through the imagination library. I thought this is a really good time to put out a children’s album.” The digital release of the album is now available. Fans can buy the album in stores on Oct. 13.

Johnny Cash, The Johnny Cash Children’s Album
Johnny Cash is a famous musician who left behind a great musical and philanthropic legacy. Similar to Dolly, his 49th album created was titled The Johnny Cash Children’s Album. The children’s album debuted in 1975 and was reissued in 2006 through Legacy Recordings, with four bonus tracks. Not only did Johnny Cash have one of the greatest country music careers of all time, but he also devoted his time and money to help children in need. Cash donated all proceeds from the song “The Ballad of Annie Palmer” to the children of SOS Children’s Village. “It will mean that more abandoned children can have hope, find love, and have a future,” Cash said.

Jack Johnson, Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George
Music lovers from all over the world are familiar with the sweet acoustic tunes of Jack Johnson. The singer-songwriter fostered his talents to cater to a younger audience when he wrote and produced the soundtrack album for Curious George with some of his fellow musician friends. In 2008, Johnson opened The Johnson Ohana Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit charity that promotes positive change in different communities by focusing on music, art, and environmental education.

Celine Dion, Miracle
Canadian singer Celine Dion has also made a children’s album. Miracle is part of a CD and book multimedia collection produced by David Foster. Dion collaborated with photographer Anne Geddes to illustrate the joy of babies through their art. Geddes provided illustrations for a pictorial book while Dion sang original songs and covers of other famous tunes for the album. When she’s not touring or recording new music, Dion spends her time supporting charities through a non-profit organization she founded called the Celine Dion Foundation. After the loss of a loved one to cystic fibrosis, Dion became the National Celebrity Patron of Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

Mr. T, Mr. T’s Commandments
Believe it or not, gold-chain clad, mohawk-sporting Mr. T has also made a children’s album titled Mr. T’s Commandments. The seven commandments Mr. T raps about are timeless topics such as listening to your mom and not talking to strangers. The famous actor and rapper partnered with Nancy Reagan to support an anti-drug campaign and starred in a memorable public service announcement. Mr. T dedicated songs to his message and was the face of anti-drug rallies.