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This 10-Year-Old Sacrificed His Birthday Party to Honor Police

The Short of It

A Michigan boy plans his birthday party to benefit law enforcement.

The Lowdown

Jeremie Bordua spent nine months baking and selling cookies for "Cookies for a Cause" with the goal of honoring his heroes on his 11th birthday with a big party. Incredibly, he raised $10,000, all of which he donated to his Lansing community. Everything Jeremie needed for the event celebrating the police department was donated.

The impressive young man told local NBC station WILX, "I had the idea to throw a thank you party for police because I've been bullied, so I know how they feel." Jeremie added, "I just wanted to show them I still appreciate them, and I still believe in them."

First Lieutenant Joe Thomas, a member of the Michigan State Police, said about Jeremie's efforts, "I think it's truly a testament to what one person can do and it doesn't really matter how old you are."

The Upshot

To thank him for his generosity, the Lansing police force gave Jeremie the best possible birthday gift: honorary police officer status, complete with a uniform and a badge. Judging from the huge smile on his face, I'd say they nailed it!

Here's hoping Jeremie's story will inspire other kids to make a difference. He is truly an impressive kid with a bright future... maybe in law enforcement!

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