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11-Year-Old Loses Life Trying to Save Siblings from House Fire

The Short of It

A deadly house fire in Sheboygan Falls, Wis., has left two parents mourning three of their four children.

The Lowdown

Tuesday night, Chris and Kristi Maki left their four children home alone to attend a Bible study at their church. Horribly, a fire, the cause of which is unknown, broke out in the house. Natalie, age 11 and the eldest of the children, at first got out okay, along with 9-year-old Jenna, who reportedly ran to a neighbor's house for help barefoot in the snow. But Natalie went back inside to try to save her siblings. Unthinkably, she and her younger brother, Carter, 7, passed away that night. Benjamin, 10, fought for his life in the hospital, but according to the family's GoFundMe page, he died Thursday. Jenna is the only one who survived.

Natalie is being hailed as a hero. Her uncle, Ryan Passini, told local news station TMJ4, "Would you run into a house that is in flames, personally, would you? You would not. That 11-year-old did to save her family."

Passini also updated local Fox 6 news station on how Chris and Kristi are doing in the aftermath of the tragedy, saying, "There are no words to describe it. They are just numb. Completely beside themselves."

As any parents would be.

The Upshot

If you want to help the Makis, you can visit their GoFundMe page, which has already raised more than $84,000, as well as collected more than 40 garbage bags of clothing. Of course, some commenters are questioning why the four young children were left home alone, but this isn't a time to judge these parents. Remember, this family not only lost their home and all of their belongings, but they horribly, unimaginably, have to bury three children.

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