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3-Week-Old Baby Mauled to Death by Family Dog

The Short of It

UK parents Maria Blacklin and Ryan Young lost their 3-week-old baby boy, Reggie, after he was bitten by the family dog.

The Lowdown

While Maria and Ryan, who have four other young children, attended a funeral in honor of Maria's grandmother, who had passed away from cancer the day before, they left the baby at home with an unnamed 30-year-old male family member. When they returned late at night, they found Reggie had been attacked by their Patterdale terrier. They called paramedics, but they were unable to save the baby's life.

Initially, the man who was babysitting was arrested due to "concerns for the care of the baby at the time of the incident." He has since been released on bail. The dog has been removed from the home and will likely be put to sleep.

"This is a complete tragedy," neighbor Paul Tweddle told Daily Mail. "They are such a lovely family. It should be such a happy time with a new baby. It's a tiny dog."

Maria's grandfather, Richard, told the Daily Mail: "Maria is in a state of shock. The baby was only 3 weeks old. My wife died on Friday [the day before] from cancer. It's been terrible."

The Upshot

What a heartbreaking and tragic event. We can't even imagine what this family is going through. It also appears there was no sign the dog could attack.

"They have never had any bother with the dog in the past," said one neighbor.

"I'm scared of any dog, but that dog seemed OK," said another.

Remember: No matter how lovable your family pet is, it should never be left alone with a child. Read these important safety tips for kids and dogs.

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