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3-Year-Old Left Alone in Car Helps to Solve His Own Kidnapping

ABC News

The Short of It

A 3-year-old Utah boy is being hailed as a hero today after he helped police find him after his own kidnapping.

The Lowdown

Elizabeth Barrios left her son in her unlocked, running vehicle while she took her infant into daycare. When the young mom returned, the car was driving away, with the boy still inside.

"My baby. What are they going to do to him? I don't know who it was or what they wanted. Where are they going to leave him? What are they going to do to him?" were Barrios' first thoughts following the kidnapping.

I can't imagine the horror of what Barrios must have felt at that moment. But according to police, she remained calm, and during questioning, gave Ogden Police Lieutenant and Watch Commander Tim Scott an idea. She'd also left her cell phone in the vehicle, so Scott decided to call it.

Incredibly, the 3-year-old answered, telling police he was alone. The tot then followed instructions to lock the car doors and honk the horn, which led to his rescue.

The Upshot

Thankfully, this family's story ended happily. But the outcome could have been so much worse. It's a powerful reminder that leaving your kids in the car alone, for any reason, is very unsafe. Sure, getting a child in and out of a car seat for a really quick errand is a pain in the neck, but isn't it far better than the potential alternative?

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