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37 Girls Ask 1 Boy to Prom

The Short of It

A boy with developmental challenges was asked to his senior prom by every single girl in his class.

The Lowdown

Sammy Lamar will have not one, but 37 dates to his upcoming prom.

"It doesn't matter if you're a freshman or a senior, everyone knows Sammy," fellow Penn Cambria student, Abby Harvey, told NBC News. So, because they wanted him to have a wonderful memory of his senior year, every single girl in his class asked him to be their date to the big dance.

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The idea started when student Karingtin Sklowdowski wanted to ask Sammy to be her date. "I'd love to ask him, and I'd love to ask him," she recalls her fellow female classmates saying. So, the senior realized it would be more meaningful for all the senior girls to ask. They created a sign with this message: "Sammy Will You Go to Prom With Us?"

They also asked the boy's mom, Diana, for permission in a letter. "It was amazing and so kind," she said.

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"His eyes glowed, and he just smiled," one of his 37 dates reported about Sammy's reaction to the mega promposal. Abby Harvey says Sammy makes them happy, so they just wanted to make him happy.

The Upshot

Not only does Sammy have 37 dates to the dance, but he is also in the running for prom king, according to NBC News. His friend Karingtin is pretty sure he's going to win.

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What an inspiring story about a young man whose differences haven't kept him from connecting with his peers and truly making a difference in their lives. That so many girls wanted Sammy to be their date also highlights their maturity and commitment to true friendship, which is beautiful to witness at a time when so many kids are bullying their peers. Every teen should hear about the awesome students in Penn Cambria's senior class.

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