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4-Year Old Loses Dad, Receives Condolence Letters from Around the World

The Short of It

Losing a dad is undoubtedly a tough experience, but strangers hope to make it just a little easier for 4-year-old Wyatt Revels by flooding his mailbox with letters.

The Lowdown

After his dad died suddenly in January, Wyatt had trouble coping, so his mom, Alysha Starling, opened a P.O. box for him at their local post office. She asked friends to send Wyatt encouraging cards to help him cope. But Alysha had no idea of the outpouring he'd receive.

"[The mailbox is] little. It's the smallest one they have. I thought I would have to start sending mail myself," Alysha told ABC11.

Then, ABC11 reporter Diane Wilson posted Wyatt's address on her Facebook page. They thought the local community may send him letters, but word spread around the world.

Wyatt has now received homemade cards, drawings from kids, stuffed animals, coloring books, toys and more. Someone sent him a pillowcase with photos of his dad on it. A wooden photo of his dad is Wyatt's favorite, and he sleeps with it.

The family has a map on which they've marked all the states where Wyatt has received mail from. There's even been international letters from Spain, Australia, South America and Scotland. Kristian Bush of country music band Sugarland even sent the boy a card.

Alysha says she's "very grateful for everything everyone has sent. I can't thank them enough."

The Upshot

You can send Wyatt a card, too! Here's his address:
Wyatt Revels
P.O. Box 84
Autryville, NC 28318
Or drop him a note on the "Letters for Wyatt" Facebook page.

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