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4-Year-Old Uses His Mom's Phone to Save Her Life

The Short of It

If this 4-year-old didn't know how to use an iPhone, his mom may not still be alive.

The Lowdown

There's an upside to teaching your preschooler how to use your phone. When 4-year-old Camden Vaughan found his mom Misty unconscious after she'd passed out with a high fever, he grabbed her phone, keyed in the password, and made a life-saving call to a doctor—his dad, Dr. Jeremy Vaughan. His photo was at the top of Misty's favorites list.

"He said, 'Daddy, I need you to come home!,'" Dr. Vaughan told WFAA-TV. "Mommy can't get in the bath because she can't wake up!"

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Misty's doctor thinks she suffered a seizure, and Camden's actions were probably the difference between life and death.

"It saved her life ... as simple as that," Dr. Ousama Moammar, of Methodist Charlton Medical Center, told WFAA-TV. "Acting early and fast is really of the essence."

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The Upshot

Thanks to her rock star son, Misty is now recovering.

"I feel like my trust in his responsibility has definitely increased," she said. "It was reading 105 on my thermometer, and that's the last thing I remember. If my brain had continued at that temperature, I could not be the same here ... or not be here at all."

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It's scary to think about how this could've all ended had Camden not known his mom's password or how to locate his dad's number in her phone. It's an important reminder to us all about how imperative it is to teach our kids what to do in an emergency.

Or, as the young hero of this story put it: "Tap the phone button, and the star, and hit the pictures."

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