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5-Year-Old Designs a Collection for J. Crew

The Short of It

Five-year-old Mayhem doesn't just have a super-cool name, she has a sense of style beyond her years. The crew over at J. Crew has taken notice and hired the little girl to create an imaginative new collection for their girls' line of clothing.

The Lowdown

Mayhem first splashed onto the fashion scene after her mom posted Instagram photos of the tot in paper dresses she'd made herself to replicate celebrities' red carpet gowns. She quickly gained over 400,000 followers. And J. Crew noticed.

Mayhem and her mom Angie headed to the designer's headquarters in New York, where she helped design a mini collection of girls' clothing called Little Mayhem for J. Crew, which includes a ribbon-striped party dress, a tee festooned with tassels, coral strappy sandals, a studded tiara and a scarf edged with pompons.

It's a really cute, imaginative collection—of course, a little pricey for kids' clothes, but that's what you expect from J. Crew.

The Upshot

As a mom of a 5-year-old, I find it a little hard to believe that working with a child this age was as idyllic as the J. Crew photos make it seem. It was probably a little bit out of control. But certainly creative and atypical. I think that's what they were going for—kids' clothes that really reflect the whimsy and youth of those who'd wear them. I'd say it was a successful partnership.

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