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50-year-old Sophie B. Hawkins to Deliver Baby No. 2 This Month

The Short of It

Musician Sophie B. Hawkins is preparing to welcome her second bundle of joy into the world this month. At age 50, the singer-songwriter conceived her second baby through in vitro fertilization.

The Lowdown

Nearly 20 years ago, Hawkins decided to have embryos frozen for a possible future pregnancy. In 2014, she decided it was time for her 6-year-old son, Dashiell, to have a sibling.

"I had, you know, spoken to a fertility doctor in New York. And she said, 'You're old.' And I said, 'That's the point.' My son has an old mother. Why can't I give him somebody young to be his family for the rest of his life," she told Today.

Hawkins' doctor says her IVF pregnancy is a healthy success, and soon she will be welcoming a daughter. Big brother Dashiell has already lovingly named the new baby "Bubblegum."

Hawkins says she's feeling a range of emotions including fear, but all of her energy is focused on being a single mom and having a painless birth.

The Upshot

Although Hawkins is known for singing the radio hits "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" and "As I Lay Me Down," she'll be spending her days singing lullabies very soon.

"I'm most looking forward to lying in bed with Dashiell, 'Bubblegum' and our two dachshunds and relaxing, and just hearing all of us breathe and feeling our heartbeats," she said.

Congrats and enjoy those natural, rhythmic sounds of your family, Sophie! It truly is the greatest music of all.

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