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7-Year-Old Boy Gets Coolest Wheelchair-Accessible Treehouse Ever

The Short of It

A 7-year-old boy just got the wheelchair-accessible treehouse of his dreams.

The Lowdown

Hayden Trigg has been in a wheelchair his entire life. And sadly, the 7-year-old's reliance on the chair sometimes has made it hard for him to hang out with his friends and two siblings. Since he couldn't play in a standard treehouse, the Make-a-Wish Foundation decided to go out on a limb by partnering with a local Texas contractor, Austin Tree Houses, to make him his own.

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"It's leveled the playing field for him," Hayden's mom, Adrienne Trigg, told ABC News. "He goes outside, but cannot play. But that will change this summer."

Hayden watched his dream become a reality over the last few months as the treehouse was built in his backyard. And when the last nail had finally been hammered, his entire first-grade class rode the school bus to his home to join him for a ribbon cutting ceremony—and to play in the treehouse for the very first time.

"It was the best day of his life," Adrienne said. "His wish was to share it with his friends. He's got to be the most popular kid in school right now."

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The Upshot

Although Hayden has had to overcome more hardships in his seven years than many of us will ever experience in a lifetime, he remains a kid at heart who just wants a cool place to play. But the little warrior still has many battles left to fight, which is why his mom said the wish fulfillment couldn't have come at a better time.

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"The timing couldn't be better as he will have to undergo extensive 12-hour surgery this summer where he will have a 6-week recovery," Adrienne writes on her blog, which details Hayden's journey. "Instead of dreading the summer, he will have the treehouse to focus his energy and good thoughts to get back to playing independently."

Best of luck to Hayden and the entire family!

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