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7-year-old Girl Creates Empowering Comic Book and Wins Over $16K

The Short of It

Seven-year-old Natalie McGriff used to hate two things: Her natural hair and reading. But her amazing mom, Angela Nixon, helped her create a superhero comic book to change all that.

The Lowdown

Natalie says she previously suffered from low self-esteem because her natural hair was different from what she saw around her.

"I didn't like it because I wanted it straight, and I saw everybody with straight hair," the girl told ABC News today. "And reading was boring to me."

Mom took action. She inspired her daughter to work together with her to create a comic book entitled "The Adventures of Moxie Girl." In it, a little girl named Moxie (who looks like Natalie) doesn't like her hair, but then it becomes the source of her superpowers.

"She gets this shampoo from her godmother that gives her hair superpowers, and she saves her local library from monsters trying to eat the books," Natalie explains.

The pair decided the comic book should get published, so other kids can enjoy Moxie Girl's story, and they began crowdfunding on their own. Then on April 12, crowdfunding platform One Spark hosted a festival, and the book was voted as the top in the education category. They won $15,000 in addition to the $1,400 or so they'd already raised.

The Upshot

Angela is such an inspiring mom, who shows us that we can help our kids through most any setback they go through.

"Me being black, of course, I used to get picked on in school for my natural hair, and I didn't want that to happen to my daughter," Angela told ABC News. "I wanted to step in, boost her self-esteem and foster a love of reading in her."

The mother-daughter duo plans to publish their book in June. They don't know yet where it will be sold, but they hope to help empower other girls who might feel different because of how they look.

"We want girls of color to know they're awesome, that they have moxie and that they're young queens who should be proud of who they are and who they represent," Angela said. "Love yourselves, love your hair, your skin color. You're beautiful and awesome."

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