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8-Year-Old Girl Saves Toddler from Drowning in a Pool

The Short of It

An 8-year-old Texas girl helps save a toddler from drowning.

The Lowdown

Cayleigh Hunt was swimming in her grandparents' apartment complex pool when she noticed a 3-year-old struggling to stay above water.

"I lifted her up from underneath so she could breathe, and then I grabbed on to her, and I pushed her over to the steps where she could stand so she could start breathing again," the little girl told KEYE TV.

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Cayleigh says she didn't know the toddler, and her parents were quick to leave after the near-drowning but not before expressing their sincere gratitude for what the 8-year-old had done.

"[They] were surprised, but they were happy at the same time, and one of them wanted to hug me," she says. "Her mom and her dad kept saying, 'Thank you very much,' and I was like, 'You're welcome!'"

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Cayleigh's mom, Carrie, said about the incident, "Every parent thinks it would not happen to them until it does. Things have happened to me as a parent where you just kind of panic; you're thankful your child survived it; and you just go home and cry."

The Upshot

What Hunt said is so true. It's so easy to think bad things only happen to other families. Take the horrible alligator attack last night at Disney World! I'm certain those parents couldn't have imagined such a horror when they were simply wading in a lagoon.

But when it comes to a child getting injured or worse, and especially in the case of drowning, it only takes an instant, something that as a parent, scares me to death. That's why it's vitally important to always have just a little bit of fear when it comes to the water, in the sense that you can never fully let your guard down when your kids are near it.

And do everything you can to be prepared, like enrolling your children in swimming lessons or water safety courses; never, ever leaving them unattended near water; teaching them the rules of the pool, lake or ocean where you are swimming; and knowing CPR.

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In this case, we're so glad this 3-year-old child is okay and hope it serves as an important reminder that you can never be too vigilant or safe when your children are near the water this summer.

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