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8th-Grader Wows Graduation by Impersonating Candidates in Epic Speech

The Short of It

You can't help but smile when you see this eighth-grader's impressions of the 2016 presidential candidates during his (now viral!) graduation speech.

The Lowdown

Jack Aiello may only be graduating from eighth grade, but he's been interested in politics for the last several years. He's also pretty good at impressions. So, when he delivered the graduation address at Thomas Middle School in Chicago yesterday, he decided to perform a mash up of both.

"Hello everyone," he begins after stepping up to the mic. "I decided that since we're in the middle of an election year, that I would do my graduation speech in the style of some of the 2016 presidential candidates."

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The audience then breaks into what can only be described as hesitant clapping interspersed with nervous laughter.

They need not have worried. From the moment Jack began the speech—which lasted more than eight minutes and poked fun at Donald Trump, natch, before moving on to Ted Cruz, slipping in President Obama, and closing up with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders—it was clear this thing was a winner.

And if there was any doubt, just check out the voracious clapping and standing ovation the budding comedian receives at the 8:34 mark.

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The Upshot

This is too cool. My daughter's eighth-grade graduation is tomorrow. And while I'm sure the boy chosen to give the speech will do a bang-up job, I doubt he'll be able to top this!

And apparently, Jack's only preparation for capturing the candidates' mannerisms and phrases was watching TV with his mom and dad.

"He's always been good with impressions," his father John told ABC News. "He started with impressions of his parents, of course, then moved on to teachers at school, and it developed to the point where he's very good at picking up mannerisms and tones."

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Now the eighth-grader says he would love to be president himself one day—a lofty aspiration, for sure.

But don't worry, Jack, if that fails, maybe Saturday Night Live will come calling.

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