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9-Year-Old Photographer Turns Her Hobby into a Paying Gig

The Short of It

A 9-year-old Scottish girl is already a working photographer and just landed her first wedding gig!

The Lowdown

Regina Wyllie's dad is a photographer, so perhaps it's no surprise that she picked up the photography bug early. In fact, Kevin Wyllie started teaching his daughter about cameras and photography as early as age 3, and toy cameras soon turned into professional versions.

But for Regina, taking photos is more than just a hobby; it's a paying job! The 9-year-old recently worked a family friend's wedding, and although dad was on hand, it was Regina who took charge.

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"She does everything all on her own," Wyllie told Today. "The bride and groom have said that they would verify that she did everything herself."

He also explained in a blog post, "Whilst I don't advocate child labour ... and I would never never have thought of taking her along to a full wedding. It was the bride and groom's request, when they booked me, that she shoot with me."

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While looking through Regina's stunning photographs, one would never imagine she is only 9 years old! In fact, Wyllie says his daughter even thought of shots he didn't, including one of the bride's shoes on the bed.

"I looked at the shoes and thought, 'I wish I had that set up. That's not a bad shot,'" he said.



The Upshot

The proud dad says the attention Regina has been getting is a bit overwhelming, but he told Today, "I suppose it's a good thing because she knows it's not just mom and dad saying, 'You take really good photographs.' She's starting to realize what she's capable of."

Oh, and guess what? Regina's little sister is also starting to show an interest in photography! Watch out world!

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If you want to see more of this prodigy's photography, check out her photosbytheg Instagram page, which is followed by more than 5,000 people and features her images that are branded with "The G Photography."

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