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9-Year-Old Punished for Act of Terrorism by Using 'Magic Ring' at School

The Short of It

A dad in Texas, Jason Steward, is outraged that his 9-year-old son, Aiden, was suspended for threating terrorism by bringing a "magic ring" to school.

The Lowdown

Recently, Mr. Steward took his family to see "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies." Aiden brought a "magic ring" to his class at school and told a classmate, in a playful way, that the ring could make him disappear. At 9 years old, most kids have active imaginations. When my girls put on tiaras and dress-up clothes, they pretend to be "real" princesses. Isn't this one of the magical parts of being 9?

Kermit Elementary School officials didn't see it that way and interpreted the statement as a threat of terrorism and removed Aiden from the class. Apparently, encouraging your child's active imagination is not a welcome parenting style at Kermit Elementary.

The Upshot

The claim that a "magic ring" that makes people disappear is a real threat of terrorism is nothing short of insanity. What's next? Are we going to suspend little boys who pretend they are Spiderman on the playground or little girls who pretend that baby dolls are actual babies?

While the reasoning for the current suspension seems a bit far-fetched, it's been noted that Aiden's past disciplinary issues might just be the real driving force behind the suspension. Mr. Steward said that Aiden has gotten three other in-school suspensions this year, two for referring to other children by the color of their skin.

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