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Ad Wishes Single Moms a Happy Father's Day

The Short of It

A new ad from Angel Soft puts an interesting spin on dad's day, wishing single moms a Happy Father's Day, too.

The Lowdown

In the emotional video, adults talk about their upbringing having a single mom and no father figure. They discuss many of the things their mothers did for them. Most of them get choked up and teary discussing their mothers' strength, love and affection.

"I've definitely seen her juggle Mom, Dad and, you know, everything she had to be for herself," says one woman.

"She did it all, and she did it as though she was two people," says another.

Todd Wingfield, senior brand manager for Angel Soft, says the ad isn't meant to take away from celebrating dads.

"We celebrate families in all forms, shapes and sizes. Our vision is that this is the first in a series of unique stories we'll be sharing. Dads also play an important role and exemplify those traits of being soft and strong every day," he told Ad Age.

The idea was inspired by people who say the holiday is about their moms.

"We were talking to adults at our agency who were raised by single moms, and they mentioned that they celebrate their moms on Father's Day," said Karen Costello, exec creative director at Deutsch, the agency that created the ad.

She said more Angel Soft ads that focus on the "unsung heroes of parenting" will follow this one.

The Upshot

This ad strikes a chord—as long as you can get past that when it says, "some days she had to be softer; some days she had to be stronger," that it's also talking about the strength and softness of toilet paper.

But seriously, I totally agree that single moms should get a ton of credit for wearing many hats and taking on the responsibilities commonly split between two parents. Wish a Happy Father's Day to whomever in your life you feel deserves the recognition!

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