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Adopted Daughter Finds Out Her Birth Mother Is Her Coworker

La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark and Francine Simmons/WYTV

The Short of It

The Ohio Department of Health recently released a slew of birth records. Among them were those of La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark, whose adoption happened 38 years ago. She was shocked to learn that her birth mother is her coworker.

The Lowdown

The health records released in Ohio cover the years 1964 to 1996. La-Sonya had always wondered about her birth parents, and she had been eagerly awaiting her information to arrive in the mail. When it did, she saw her birth mother's name on the birth certificate: Francine Simmons.

After a quick Facebook search (because isn't that how we all look for people these days?), La-Sonya found Francine. Not only did she live in Youngstown, as La-Sonya does, but she works at the same company, Infocision. She quickly realized she's met her before.

She immediately thought, "There's a Francine that works at my job. She works in VR, and she works at the front desk," La-Sonya told WYTV in Youngstown. She reached out to mutual friends on Facebook to connect with her. "She called me, and I said, 'Is this Ms. Francine?' She said, 'yes.' I said, 'I think I'm your daughter.'"

The Upshot

The family is thrilled to have reunited and say they've all been trying to find each other for years and plan to develop a closer relationship.

"I'm still in shock. It's amazing," Francine said. "I got pregnant when I was 14. I had her when I was 15. I was put in a home, a girl's home. Had her. Got to hold her. Didn't get to name her, but I named her myself in my heart all these years."

Since giving La-Sonya up for adoption, Francine has had three other daughters, one of which works for Infocision too.

I'm assuming this is just one of the many fascinating stories to come out of the huge birth records release. Amazing!

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