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Adoptive Mom Trying to Find Son's Birth Parents Before He Goes Blind


The Short of It

The adoptive mom of a Chinese baby is on a desperate search for her son's birth parents so he can see them before he goes blind.

The Lowdown

Molly Sano says she never doubted Bennett was meant to join their family. "We just knew he was the son we'd been waiting for—even without looking at his file. He's the most beautiful boy I've ever seen," the Seattle mom told China Daily.

Bennett, now 3 years old, was born deaf and suffers from Usher syndrome, which eventually causes blindness. Now Sano, who lives in Seattle with her husband, who is deaf as well, and another 3-year-old daughter, has returned to Shanghai. This is where Bennett, born Long Miao, was abandoned by his poverty-stricken parents in 2012. A note that was left with the boy reportedly read, "We really don't know what else we can do. We are too poor to bring him up."

Working with local officials and hospitals, Sano, who also plans to visit the orphanage that once cared for Bennett, says, "We just hope that he can see his biological parents with his own eyes, creating special visual memories of them before he loses his vision."

The Upshot

What a selfless mission this woman has embarked upon for her son. I truly hope Sano is able to find little Bennett's parents very soon.

She also said about her goal to locate her child's family, "We want to let them know he is safe and happy and that we love him. We have talked about China since he first came home, and we want to really honor his birth country and give him the opportunity to meet the family who gave him life."

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