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Anti-Bullying Video Reminds Kids to Be Kind Before It's Too Late

The Short of It

In a new anti-bullying public service announcement (PSA) posted by adsoftheworldvideos, Deutsch NY and Champions Against Bullying remind us to tell the people we care about how much they mean to us today—not tomorrow—because tomorrow may be too late to save a bullying victim who is considering suicide.

The Lowdown

In the video, teens are reading messages of love and encouragement that were left on social media pages for real friends after they committed suicide from being bullied. They don't do much good then, do they?

This new PSA encourages kids and adults to tell their families that they love them, to tell their friends how much their friendship means to them and to pay compliments and hand out smiles like they could make a difference—because they can.

The Upshot

Let's speak our minds now. Don't be afraid to be kind. The world needs more nice. We have the chance today to tell people what they mean to us. We can't change the past, but we can save the future...with our kind words.

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