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Baby Born Early in NYC Leaves UK Parents Facing $200,000 Bill

The Short of It

A young British couple has taken to the Internet to raise money after their newborn baby arrived 11 weeks prematurely during their trip to New York City. The early arrival left the family stranded across the pond and facing a possible $200,000 hospital bill.

The Lowdown

Katie Amos and her fiancé Lee Johnston were enjoying a holiday babymoon to the Big Apple when Katie unexpectedly went into labor while walking through Central Park. Baby Dax was born weighing just 3 pounds. He's doing great, but there's one hiccup. The parents aren't sure their insurance will cover the birth because it was obviously WAY out of network.

The baby is being cared for at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, and doctors say he won't be ready to go home until sometime in March. The parents are staying at Ronald McDonald House, which provides free accommodations for the family while Dax is in the hospital.

In an attempt to raise money to cover the cost of Dax's medical treatments, the couple posted their story and asked for donations on the website with a campaign titled "Dax's Tale of New York."

The Upshot

The family has raised some funds, but Lennox Hill Hospital in Manhattan has made a statement that it will ensure that "there will be no financial impact to the family."

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