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Baby Hospitalized After Drinking Formula Mixed With Vodka

The Short of It

A one-month-old Wisconsin baby girl ended up in the ICU after her mom mixed formula with what she thought was two ounces of water from a bottle—but actually was vodka. The infant’s blood-alcohol level was a “potentially life-threatening” 0.294 according to authorities.

The Lowdown

The young mom, 20, told Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officers that she didn’t realize the water bottle was filled with vodka, since she had previously filled it with plain water. But reportedly, the baby’s father later emptied the bottle and refilled it with alcohol, with plans to take it to a friend’s house. After feeding her infant, the mom quickly noticed odd behavior from the little one—red toes, eyes half closed—and the parents realized the mistake that had been made. Sadly, what came next was a terrible fight between mom and dad over who was to blame, according to Lieutenant Brad Hetlet, a spokesman from the Kenosha Police Department. The baby was rushed to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and admitted to the ICU as a precaution, due to her high blood alcohol level. And the dad? He’s facing charges—not for the alcohol incident, but for the argument with the mom.

The Upshot

This is such a random story! And it’s sad that the parents played the blame game and got in an argument that was clearly so bad it led to charges. But let's focus on the good news here: according to Hetlet, the baby is going to be okay.

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