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Baby Monitor Catches Toddler Singing 'Imperial March' from 'Star Wars'

The Short of It

Dad hears his toddler daughter belting out the "Imperial March" from "Star Wars" in her crib via baby monitor.

The Lowdown

Jonathan Liu, a writer for, heard his 2-year-old daughter singing Darth Vader's entrance theme from "Star Wars" on the family's baby monitor, and shared the video online in a blog post entitled "The Force is Strong with this One."

"When we watched the original 'Star Wars' trilogy recently with our older girls, our toddler watched most of it with us, " he wrote. "It's not clear how much she really understood what was going on, but she definitely learned to recognize some of the characters like R2D2 and "Creepio" and Yoda. Yesterday I caught her on the baby monitor after she woke up from her nap, singing to herself."

Watch the amazing video here:

The Upshot

Liu says his daughter was smitten with Darth Vader from the get-go. Or as Liu put it: "Yes, the Force is strong with this one. But she seems to be leaning toward the dark side."

"When he first appeared on the screen, she started mimicking the sound of his breathing. When the 'Imperial March' started playing, she stood up and danced!" Liu said. "Lately, she keeps asking us to sing the 'Star Wars song'—sometimes she means the theme song, but quite often what she really wants to hear is Darth Vader's theme instead."

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