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Baby Seat Video Creates Major Controversy Online

The Short of It

A baby seat that purports to help infants with colic, reflux, and flat head syndrome has divided parents on whether it also removes one crucial aspect of early child care: bonding.

The Lowdown

A video of an infant seat called Babocush has been viewed more than 10 million times, and has inspired over 24k comments on Facebook. The seat, which positions baby on his tummy almost like he's being cradled by mom, was created to help with various newborn health issues.

But it doesn't try to hide another important function: to help busy parents who don't have time to hold their babies every second. The seat even features a heartbeat and vibration to mimic the sounds of a mom's comforting voice.


Does your baby suffer from colic or reflux?Are you concerned about flat-head syndrome? (My little boy had flattening...

Posted by Babocush on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Some parents are appalled that Babocush, which is based in Britain, is trying to take the place of human contact. Here's a sample of some comments to the company's Facebook page in response to the video:

"Really, baby wont hear your heart beat, have your smell or feel your warmth, they are tiny for such a short time make the most of it, cleaning will be there tomorrow, these are very precious and rewarding moments."

"Wonderful but very sad....mothers used to strap their babes to them when they worked in the fields. The more we advance the further behind we become."

But not all parents are anti-Babocush:

"Wow all these [judgmental] comments from these obviously 'perfect parents' ! Ignorant comments like these can cause first time parents confusion & self doubt at a time when they are sleep deprived or perhaps suffering from post natal depression. You all must have your child strapped to you 24/7 when you cook, which is dangerous, going for a poop, which is slightly strange or you must sleep with them, again highly dangerous. Because the way you're going on about people that buy this are neglecting their child is ridiculous."

"Could of done with this for my son (he's too old for it now)!!! And for the people commenting on the fact it's a bad thing......say that to mums who have had to constantly hold their babies in that position because of colic and then had to do the rest of the jobs/everyday things/attend to other children when baby finally settled..... Those mums will know just how precious 5/10 minutes to have a shower/wash, eat or give your other child 1-2-1 is."

It's worth mentioning this seat goes against the AAP's recommendation that all infants should sleep on their backs.

The Upshot

As a mom-of-three, I can see the benefit of the seat. Sometimes you can't hold your baby, like when you are bathing an older child or cooking near the stove. I've never dealt with colic, so I don't know those horrors firsthand, but every parent needs help, whether it's a grandmother stopping by or a Babocush. I say if a seat like this one would make your life easier as a new mom, don't let judgmental comments sway you. Do what's best for you and your family.

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