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Baby's Reaction to Trying on Glasses for First Time Will Make Your Day

Jessica Sinclair/Facebook

The Short of It

Baby Piper needed glasses at a very young age. Her parents Jessica Sinclair and Andrew Verdusco didn't know what a big improvement clearer vision would make in their little girl's life until she tried on her tiny spectacles for the first time.

The Lowdown

Piper's parents took her to the doctor because she wasn't crawling yet, and they discovered she needed glasses.

"They thought she might have a stigmatism. She didn't, but she's extremely far-sighted and so needed glasses," Sinclair told ABC News. Soon Piper was custom fit and received adorable, itty bitty pink glasses.

While out celebrating with her parents, Piper tries on her glasses for the first time. She resists having the sweet little spectacles put on her face at first, as any baby would. But then the little girl's face lights up in a giant smile that is sure to make you smile just as much. She begins to intently study the faces of her parents, who are clearly delighted by their daughter's reaction to her new found vision.

"Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction melts my heart," her mom wrote as a caption along with the video she posted to Facebook. The clip has since been viewed 25 million times!

"What you can't see is I was choking back tears of joy that she could see the world the way it was meant to be," Sinclair said. "It was a fantastic moment to witness."


Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction :) melts my heart

Posted by Jessica Sinclair on Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Upshot

Sinclair originally hoped posting the video would encourage parents to get their kids' vision checked. But the reaction has truly overwhelmed her and made the days of countless other people! Piper is now crawling and using her glasses nearly all the time, Sinclair says.

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