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Baby's Roadside Birth Caught on Police Dash-Cam Video

The Short of It

A dash-cam captures New Jersey state troopers delivering a baby on the side of a freeway.

The Lowdown

If you've driven on the Garden State Parkway, you've probably seen it all: ridiculous traffic, scary close-calls, and major fender benders, but a roadside birth? Well, it happened at 4:15 last Monday morning with the help of two troopers. And the entire thing was caught on their squad car dash-cam.

An unnamed couple was en route to the hospital to have their baby when they realized they weren't going to get there in time for the birth, so they pulled to the side of the road and called 911. Troopers Alex Muro and Arnaldo Mateo arrived just in time to help the expectant mom deliver her little girl in the backseat of the vehicle.

On the incredible video, you can see one of the officers standing by the passenger seat of the car and hear him coaching the laboring mama. "One, two, three, push!...There you go, keep going!" he calls out, before announcing "It's a girl!"

By 4:26 that morning, Trooper Mateo helped the parents welcome their daughter. "Here mommy," he says, handing the newborn to the new mom. And the entire time, cars are whizzing by!

The Upshot

If you're like me, you're misty-eyed watching this amazing roadside birth. Because no matter when and how a baby is born, it's always a miracle.

About the impromptu delivery, Trooper Mateo told NBC News, "It was just one of those moments where we had to respond and we did our job."

Well thank goodness, he and his partner did! The mom and baby are doing well following the memorable birth, and they'll likely never travel this particular highway again without recalling that remarkable experience.

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