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Batkid's Amazing Story to be Told in New Documentary

The Short of It

In June, Warner Brothers will release "Batkid Begins," the story of child cancer survivor Miles Scott, who fulfilled his dream of being Batkid thanks to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The Lowdown

Miles was diagnosed with a form of leukemia at only 18 months old. During his three years of chemotherapy, he was fascinated with superheroes who always won in the end. So, to celebrate his last treatment, the San Francisco chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation organized Batkid Day in his honor.

On Nov. 15, 2013, more than 12,000 volunteers helped make the day possible, including city officials, police, newscasters, businesses and actors who transformed San Francisco into a Gotham City full of villians and capers that needed Batkid to come to the rescue. It is one of the largest and most elaborate Make-a-Wish projects ever staged.

Now, with Miles in remission from his cancer, Warner Brothers has turned his story into a touching film. Due out in June, the documentary will follow his battle with leukemia and rise to internet stardom.

The Upshot

Just like superheroes battle evil, Miles battled cancer valiantly, and his story is a truly heartwarming one—not only for his spirit but for the kind actions of everyone who helped make Batkid Day possible. I can't wait to watch "Batkid Begins" and see this cute and brave kid's inspiring journey.

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