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Beautiful 'Rainbow Babies' Photo Is Going Viral—and Giving Hope

The Short of It

A beautiful set of photos appears to pay tribute to "rainbow babies"—children born to moms "following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss."

The Lowdown

Pregnancy loss is a deeply personal pain many mothers cope with alone. Perhaps that is why a new set of beautiful photos that appears to honor the joyful and meaningful journey of moms who experience love after loss is striking such a chord.

The images, captured by an unnamed photographer, were posted to a Facebook page called Every Child is a Blessing: The Journey Through My Pregnancy, owned by Texas mom Chastity Boatman. In the first photo, seven pregnant women are swaddled in rainbow colored skirts and matching bandeau tops, their baby bumps exposed. Each belly is painted with a pretty, matching flower.

The next image shows the same women wearing white, now cradling their little ones, who are dressed in garments that match the dresses their moms wore while pregnant. The photos have been liked almost 100,000 times, and shared nearly that many. Thousands of commenters profess their own experiences as parents of rainbow babies.

The Upshot

Boatman explained the images to Yahoo Parenting, saying, "I found them during a random Internet search on a Russian website, and while their meaning is open to interpretation, many people have associated them with rainbow babies."

No matter the meaning, clearly these pictures hold deep significance for many mothers who have suffered loss, but gone on to experience life-changing joy and love.

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