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Best Friends Discover They Were Switched at Birth

The Short of It

Friends, who were so close growing up that they actually considered each other to be brothers, learn they were switched at birth.

The Lowdown

Luke Monias and Norman Barkman were born on the same day in 1975 at the Norway House Indian Hospital in Manitoba, Canada. Oddly, people often joked the best buddies looked more like one another's family members. Rumors to that effect persisted throughout the boys' childhood, and they even admitted they felt more comfortable at the other person's home. Recently, a DNA test confirmed the friends' suspicion was more than just a funny coincidence.

"I didn't believe it until I saw the paper. That's when it hit me," Monias told the Toronto Star.

The men are demanding answers and an apology from the Canadian government, which was in charge of the hospital when the unthinkable mistake took place. There's also the real possibility that other children were switched at birth during the same time period.

The Upshot

Despite the pain this mix-up has caused, the friends haven't turned against one another.

"He's still my brother. No matter what," said Monias.

It's unclear how the men's parents have reacted to the news that their children were mixed up in the hospital, although Barkman's biological mother is deceased. The Canadian government has said they're looking into the concerns raised by the "brothers."

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