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Beyoncé Instagram Photo Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

The Short of It

Is Beyoncé pregnant? Well, a photo of playtime in the sand with her daughter Blue Ivy has us wondering. The singer is sporting a sand-mound belly in the photo, which may suggest that Baby No. 2 is on the way for Power Couple, Jay-Z and his lovely wife.

The Lowdown

Well, that's what the rumor mill of the internet would have you believe anyway. You see, Beyoncé has always liked to play games with paparazzi and the general public before making major life announcements. So, when she uploaded a photo to Instagram without a caption of her buried in the sand beneath a robust belly and more than ample bosoms, of course, we speculate that this must be a clue. People assume that she's telling us that she's pregnant. Of course, it could just be that Blue Ivy likes to bury her mommy in a lot of sand.

All the speculation and rumors stem from the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, where Beyoncé announced her first pregnancy by stripping off her blazer at the end of her performance to show off her baby bump.

The Upshot

Maybe Beyoncé is pregnant; maybe she isn't. Either way, pregnancy is a very private and sacred time in a woman's life, especially for a mom who has lost a pregnancy before. So, when Beyoncé is ready for the world to know that she is pregnant again, the world will know.

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