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Birth Parents Reunite, Marry 38 Years after Giving Up Son for Adoption

The Short of It

An adopted son's search for his origin winds up rekindling the love between his birth parents.

The Lowdown

Patrick Giblin's birth parents were only teens when they gave him up for adoption almost 38 years ago. Now amazingly, his search to find them led them to rekindle their love!

"I was adopted by two wonderful parents," began a letter Giblin wrote to Kathie Lee and Hoda for the "Everybody Has a Story" segment on Today.

The letter went on to explain that Giblin's adoptive mother died when he was 11, and his father eventually remarried. Now a father with a son of his own, Giblin made the decision to try tracking down his birth parents. "It was fueled by both curiosity and the desire to better understand my biological background," the letter explained.

Giblin was able to locate his birth mother, Stephanie, through the adoption agency, where she had left her contact information. He told Kathie Lee and Hoda that they talked on the phone for hours, and Stephanie offered to help him track down his biological father, Todd.

Stephanie was a widow, and Todd was divorced. They had had very little contact since Giblin's birth, so what happened next was completely amazing. After getting back in touch, the pair began to rekindle the romance from their youth. They fell in love and recently got married!

"I had hopes but no expectations," Giblin told Kathie Lee and Hoda about the way the search for his birth parents turned out. "It's been one complete surprise after another."

The Upshot

And wait...there's more!

Last year, Giblin arranged a meeting between Stephanie and Todd and the father who had raised him.

"It was an incredible and emotional day, one I'll never forget," he said. "Sometimes life comes full circle and gives you back more in return than you ever missed the first time around."

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