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Blogger's Instagram Shares Hilarious 'Average Parent Problems'

The Short of It

"Average Parent Problems," a new Instagram account celebrating the generic struggles of plain-old moms and dads, already has 100,000 followers thanks to its funny and relatable theme.

The Lowdown

Started in April by Mommy Shorts blogger Ilana Wiles, the Instagram account features the description, "When you want to sleep in on a Saturday, but you have kids" and is a place for Wiles and other parents to post their own imperfect parenting pics with the #averageparentproblems hashtag.

Wiles kicked off the account with a photo of her foot with a blue Lego embedded in its sole with the caption, "When you find the missing Lego in the worst way possible," a scenario that resonates with moms and dads everywhere. Since then, she and other parents have added more everyday-yet-hilarious parenting moments to the thread.

"The Internet focuses so much on the best and worst of parenting—this feels like an account for everyone in between," Wiles told TODAY Parents. "I think most of us can relate to every parenting problem I've depicted, but probably didn't know they were so universal until they saw the 'likes' accumulating on the pictures. At least that's how I feel when I post them."

The Upshot

It's easier to survive being a parent when you feel like you're not in it alone, and social media sharing connects moms and dads in the universal moments we all experience. Whether you need to share an embarassing moment or a parenting win, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be great outlets for parents.

Do you have a parenting victory you're stoked about? Big or small, each parenting victory deserves some praise! Share photos of your everyday triumphs at #ParentingHigh5s with @Parenting on Instagram. We will regram our faves! (Not a grammer? Send photos to

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