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Boas, PJs, Tutus, Oh My! Parents Let Kids Dress Them for the Day

The Short of It

What would your kids pick for you to wear if they were allowed to dress you? These parents found out firsthand when they were #DressedByTheKids.

The Lowdown

April 29 is #DressedByTheKids day in the U.K. In an effort to support Oxfam, a worldwide organization aimed at ending poverty, parents wore badges that let the world know their kids were in charge of their outfits for the day. Their looks were posted to Instagram and Twitter along with the hashtag #DressedByTheKids to encourage donations through text.

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Not surprisingly, some children dressed their parents in fanciful costumes, including wings and unicorn horns. Other parents walked out the door wearing different shoes on each foot. Some looked more appropriately dressed for a night out than for an ordinary school drop-off! One photo shows dads rocking face paint and neon wigs. Another dad is stylin' in a tutu and vikings-style hat.

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Feather boas, pajamas, even beach towels; nothing was off limits for the kids who picked their parents' outfits!


The Upshot

I love the idea of kids encouraging their parents to play dress up for a day, especially to support a good cause. I might even take a cue from these brave moms and dads and let my three girls pick out my outfit one day. I can't even imagine what they would choose; but I'm sure I wouldn't be sporting the jeans and sweatshirt look my friends are used to seeing. No matter what they selected, I know I'd get a good laugh. And wouldn't it be a huge relief not to take yourself so seriously for a day?

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What do you think your kids would pick out for you to wear if they were given the chance?

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