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Boy with Cancer Gets His Wish to Be 'Famous in China'—and Beyond!

The Short of It

An American boy with a rare form of terminal cancer gets his wish to be famous—in China!

The Lowdown

When 8-year-old Dorian Murphy's parents took to social media to help their son's unique request of becoming famous in China come true, they never imagined they would get such an incredible response. Using the hashtag #Dstrong, people started posting photos of themselves posing at the Great Wall and in other locales around China, all while holding signs in support of the brave, young boy. The hashtag was even trending there!

The boy's hashtag has reached beyond China too. One video sent to the Murphy family shows 2,500 people gathering on a beach to spell out "#D-STRONG." Celebrities have also sent their best wishes to Dorian, including comedian Conan O'Brien.

For their part, the Murphy family is overwhelmed by the response, saying on Facebook, in part, "We are so amazed and completely in awe... All I can say is thank you."

The Upshot

Dorian's wish was especially touching to me because my kids are also fascinated by China. For them, it's the most faraway place they can imagine. So it makes sense this little guy would dream of being famous all the way in China!

From our family in New Jersey, which is yes, a little closer to your home in Rhode Island, we stand with you too, Dorian. #Dstrong!

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