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Boy with Cerebral Palsy Creates Triathlon for Kids with Disabilities

The Short of It

That a 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy completed a triathlon is an amazing story on its own, but Bailey Matthews is taking it a step further: He is creating his own race for kids with disabilities.

The Lowdown

When you watch the YouTube video of Bailey completing the Castle Howard Triathlon, you can see how determined he is. After ditching his walker, he falls down not once, but twice, and still gets up to make it across the finish line.

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Now, the British boy has designed his own race called the Be More Bailey Triathlon, so other children who have various challenges can experience the pride of finishing a race. But Bailey wants to clarify one point. As he told ABC News, "It isn't a triathlon just for children with disabilities, it is for every child."

The race, which is set for July in England, is centered on fun and participation, but it won't be easy! Kids and their family members will swim for 50 meters, bike for 2.5 kilometers and run for 750 meters. One unique aspect of the race is that it isn't timed; it's all about finishing at your own pace.

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Bailey says his hope in creating the race is to give kids "the chance to join in and do the same as everybody else."

The Upshot

I think this inspiring young boy's father Jonathan says it best when he describes his son: "Bailey's outlook on life is very positive. If he gets down about being disabled, he keeps it to himself. I think that's what he's doing with this. He wants to help other children and help give them the confidence that he's got."

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Here's hoping the Be More Bailey Triathlon empowers kids to feel like they can do anything, despite their disabilities!

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