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Boy Dies While Replicating Science Experiment He Saw on YouTube

The Short of It

An Ohio boy dies while trying to recreate a science experiment he saw on YouTube.

The Lowdown

Fifteen-year-old Morgan Wojciechowski is described as a "whiz kid" by his peers at Vermilion High School. But it may be his intellectual curiosity that ultimately caused his untimely death.

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According to news station WKYC, Morgan was attempting to recreate something called "Jacob's Ladder," which is basically a high-voltage arc between two metal rods. He'd seen the experiment done successfully on YouTube, but when he tried it, the teen wound up electrocuting himself in his family's garage.

"This was not a school assignment. This was simply something he saw on the Internet and wanted to experiment with," Detective Robert Rieger told WKYC.

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The boy's school released this statement in the wake of his sudden death:

"We would like the greater community to know that we are brokenhearted about this tragic loss to our school community. Morgan was a vibrant student and athlete who was well liked at Vermillion High School."

The Upshot

If you're like me, you may be wondering if Morgan's parents knew what their son was up to in the garage. According to WKYC, the teen's mom and dad were aware he liked to conduct experiments and were even proud of his ingenuity. Clearly, they never could've envisioned such a horrific outcome to one of his experiments.

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If we can learn anything from Morgan's tragic story, it's that some things kids see on YouTube can be dangerous, and it's important to warn them that not everything on the video sharing site should be imitated.

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