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Boy with Rare Disease Gives Up Birthday Gifts to Help Sick Kids

The Short of It

Chris Baker's 13-year-old son, Brenden, was born with a rare form of dwarfism, but he has a huge heart. He gave up all his birthday gifts to raise money for the local children's hospital that has helped him all his life.

The Lowdown

"He cares more about other people than he does himself," Chris told ABC News. "That's what amazes me about this kid. For most kids on their birthdays, they just want their presents. Not him. He's just different."

Brenden knew he wanted to help other children, so he set up a fundraising page for the Children's Miracle Network on GoFundMe with the help of his dad. He has currently rasied more than $5,000.

"My ears are burning from excitement coming out of Brenden's mouth after each goal he reaches," wrote Chris on the site. "He is very much in shock over the generosity of people donating and sharing this page from all over the world. Brenden has reached his goal two or three times so far and sets new goals from there... We appreciate any help you can give us for this great cause. Thank you for ALL of your help."

The Upshot

What an amazing boy! How many 13-year-olds do you know who would trade their birthday gifts for a chance to help others? Brenden's generous spirit should be an inspiration to us all! He is one of only 32 people in the world to ever be diagnosed with Desbuquois syndrome, and he is only 27-and-one-fourth inches tall and weighs just 24 pounds, but that hasn't stopped him from reaching out to embrace the world every single day.

"He doesn't let the world bother him at all," Chris said. "I've never seen him have a sad day in his life."

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