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Boy Receives One-of-a-Kind 'Star Wars' Inspired Prosthetic Arm

501st Georgia Garrison

The Short of It

A Georgia boy who was born without the lower part of his left arm has received a one-of-a-kind "Star Wars" inspired prosthetic appendage, which was created just for him and given free of charge.

The Lowdown

Seven-year-old Liam Porter is going to be the coolest kid in school. That's because the organization E-nable gave him a prosthetic arm modeled after the Imperial Clone Troopers.

Liam's previous artificial limb was clunky and difficult to manipulate. The Clone Troopers arm is lightweight, easier to move, and features a clamp and rail system that accommodates different attachments. It can even be adjusted to grow as he does.

"He was actually speechless, which for him is a rarity," the boy's mom said. She feels very thankful for the gift and was overjoyed to see how happy it made her son.

Liam has proclaimed that the arm is, "extremely awesome."

The Upshot

E-nable 3D prints mechanical hands and arms for kids all over the world. In its first year, the volunteer network matched 700 children with free, customized appendages. A typical limb costs $9,000.

I can only imagine what a huge relief it is for the families who receive a limb from this incredible organization. Here's hoping young Liam's new Clone Troopers arm makes him, and his mom, smile each and every day.

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